• The MT-1 Tomahawk is the the result of comprehensive usage, historical, and materials research. The culmination of the development effort is a monolithic design with familiar size, unequaled durability and strength, and critical low weight. We offer only the best performing coatings, and supply the tomahawk with an edge grind possessing a fine balance between durability and sharpness.


    The US Sourced, 4140 chrome-moly tool steel used is cut entirely using a CNC mill. The steel goes through three different heat treatment processes, the critical processes performed in a computer controlled vacuum furnace. Each hawk receives many hours of smoothing and finishing by hand, its why the handle has a solid grip but is not abrasive. The final step for the MT-1 is a professional sharpening, slightly concave in geometry, and an inclusive angle known for excellent edge retention. The blade is immediately dipped in corrosion preventative wax and once cooled placed in VCI paper to assure you get a perfect hawk.


    The MT-1 is fundamentally a single piece of 4140 heat treated steel. For those that want nothing more or the opportunity to paint / coat / or modify it themselves we offer the MT-1 with no coating. To minimize corrosion, the steel is shipped in a lite coating of oil in VCI (vapor corrosion inhibitor) paper or plastic (depending on your choice of purchasing it with or without the MT-1 sheath). With simple care, 4140 can last a lifetime with minimal corrosion.


    Whether you choose the uncoated version or DLC (the toughest coating on the market), you'll have a high quality, multi functional tool you can count on for a lifetime.