• The RRR-15 lower receiver is based upon military specifications currently in use today. Building upon those field tested features, we set our design goals of safety, reliability, functionality, simplicity, and ergonomics. Focus was placed on correction of current military issue design flaws, such as misalignment of upper and lower receiver features, buffer and magazine area structural weakness, band-aid magazine release protection, and magazine well misalignment and feed issues. Additional and unnecessary controls and complications were dropped as they were seen as a highly probable source of failure to function.


    The RRR-15 is a forward step without sacrifice to tradition. The winter trigger guard is maintained even though it is more difficult to machine. The best materials are used, sourced from mills and distributors in the United States. Each lower is hand inspected and multistep vibratory finished before anodizing. The RRR-15 is a labor of love that you can rely on.