• The MT-1 Fastener & Tool Kit was developed in order to achieve a flush fastener system for the MT-1 Tomahawk Sheath. With no high quality fasteners available to flush fasten two sheets of 1/8 inch Kydex®, Red Rock Rifleworks designed and manufactured its own.


    The countersunk nuts are CNC machined in house out of the most advanced aluminum alloy available, with tensile strength comparable to that of some steels. Fastening these custom nuts required the development of a custom tool which is included in this kit. The tool is made of the same strong aluminum alloy as the nuts and contains a steel insert for use with standard, magnetic 1/4 inch hex socket bit handles. The fastening system's other half is stainless steel hex drive screws which have been black oxide coated to match the nuts.


    Whether you're replacing the lost hardware from your MT-1 Sheath or in search of flush mounting fasteners for your own DIY project, the MT-1 Fastener & Tool Kit is your answer for holding 1/8 inch sheets together securely & cleanly.